Monday, 13 July 2020

Last of Us Part 2: Visualcam9

This weeks showcase series starts off with the last features of the Last of Us Showcase. Today we have the work of Visualcam9

Their ability to create breathtaking set pieces across all of the games they play is simply amazing. The combination of environment and protagonist combines to create dramatic and captivating photography.

These The Last of Us Part 2 shots are no different. Each of the four present very different emotions from each other, and capture a completely different perspective of Ellie.

To see more of their wonderful work check out their page here.

Sunday, 12 July 2020

The Sims Spark’d

A reality show themed around The Sims is happening.

The Sims Spark’d is set to premiere on the 17th of July. The show challenges its contestants with building “the most unique characters, worlds and stories” in The Sims 4

With a prize of $100,000 at stake, the show is bound to be as tense as it sounds crazy. For more information watch the trailer below.

Saturday, 11 July 2020

Black PS5?

Originally posted over on ResetEra, a Sony marketing pamphlet shows what seems like a black and red PS5 console and controller.

Whether or not this is legitimate remains to be seen, but the black and red PS5 as well as the pamphlet look believable. Of course we will see special variants as time goes on, but this is the first glimpse at a possible alternate scheme for the next gen console.

PS5 Backwards Compatibility

Backwards compatibility is one of the most sought after features for the PS5. Sony has revealed that the console will be backwards compatible with a host of PS4 games but could not confirm any further details..
There is still hope! According to a new Sony patent discovered by Twitter user Renka_schedule, there might still be some hope in playing PS1, PS2 and PS3 games on the PS5.
This patent suggests that Sony can use a virtual machine to emulate these consoles through the cloud. Specifically, it talks about how:

 "a large number of game titles across PS1/PS2/PS3 and various generations of game consoles can be stored and used via the cloud gaming library." "these games can be run on a virtual machine that mimics the operating system associated with each game console."

While this may just be a patent, it could be promising news.

Friday, 10 July 2020

Far Cry 6 Leaked

Far Cry 6 has been revealed a little earlier than planned via a PlayStation Store leak, which has listed it for launch on 18th February 2021.

In the teaser we see that Breaking Bad and The Mandalorian star Giancarlo Esposito will play a major role as the dictator of Yara, a fictional country which looks heavily-inspired by Cuba.

As with all the games in the series you will be playing as a person aiming to take down a dictator's rule. Ubisoft boast that it will be the largest Far Cry to date and that we will see the return of much loved elements, such as companions and fangs for hire.

PlayStation 4 copies of the game will upgrade for free if you play on PlayStation 5, which I can only imagine will be the same for be the same for Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

Ubisoft's event is this Sunday at 8pm BST time where hopefully we shall see more.

Thursday, 9 July 2020

Spider-Man Box Art

Today was the reveal of the Spider-Man Miles Morales box art. Many PS fans in the VP community are hyped for this release more than any other. Hopefully this slow drip feed will keep everyone excited until the biog day comes.

Wednesday, 8 July 2020

Art Feature: Lily Graphics

Continuing in the series of art features today I have something a little different. Already making a name for herself in the VP community Lily Graphics designs logos and banners for social media accounts, Youtubers, E-sports teams and much more. 

With almost one-hundred designs on her Instagram account  alone, it is evident that Lily is not short on inspiration or drive. 

For more check out her Instagram here.

Monday, 6 July 2020

Art Feature: Eugene Dorofeev

Continuing with the art features and The Last of Us Showcasing, here is the work of Eugene Dorofeev. A Russian based character artist. 

The majority of his work is not fan art but his own. Like all creatives he is inspired by his interests and that shows in his gritty, comic book style. 

For more of his work check out his art station here.

Saturday, 4 July 2020

Indie Dev Interview with Lauri Paakinaho

Indie games have a special place in my heart. I started my gaming journey on the Game Boy Colour and cheap titles on my laptop at the time. Being an indie developer is no easy task, most struggle to make a profit and releases can be very hit and miss. Yet if you take the time to turn away from the eye candy of the triple A titles the games industry has to offer, you can be entertained by countless little gems. 

Today we have an interview with Lauri Paakinaho, the one man army that is Woblyware. Due to my love of Devious Dungeon I felt the need to interview him on his experiences and inspirations. 

Many in the VP community seek to work their way into some avenue of the games industry so I hope this interview is as helpful and inspiring as I found it.  

Q: Having created a range of indie titles what would you say has beenyour favourite project that you have worked on so far and why?
A: I'd have to say Omega Strike is my personal favorite. It's the
biggest game I ever made and put the most effort into. To me it feels
like the most complete game I've made.

Omega Strike

Q: I loved the character and level design across all of your games. Whatinspires you to create such vibrantly cute worlds?
A: It's just a style I like a lot. From all the inspiration I've took
from other artist, this kind of style always looked great in my opinion
and eventually my own art style developed in the same direction.

Q: In your time as both a gamer and a creator is there any other Indietitles that have inspired you?
A: Yes, several games have inspired me along the way such as Spelunky,
Mercenary Kings and many many smaller games like old flash games.

Spelunky by Derek Yu

Mercenary Kings by Tribute Games

Q: What were the biggest obstacles you faced being an indie developer and how did you overcome them?
A: I work mostly alone, so the biggest problem is making games that are
good enough to stand among all the other games that are coming out. It's
really hard to make a living as an indie dev and you never know if your
project will be profitable. But somehow after 10 years I'm still doing
this for a living so maybe I'm just extra lucky hehe.

Q: Do you have any advice for budding games designers out there?

A: Start small and try to finish projects. It's fairly easy to get your
game released on the App Store or Steam these days and even though the
game may not make much money, it will look good on your resume if you're
looking for a job in the games industry.

Q: And finally do we have a new game on the horizon to look forward to?

A: I've been working on a game called Royal Frontier which is a turn
based roguelite. It should be coming out later this year or maybe next

Art Feature: Hour of Dawn

Starting today I am venturing into slightly new territory for interest and variation. I have seen many virtual photographer commission artists to draw game characters or their original Characters (OC). Therefore in order to show appreciation to these fine creatives I will be doing the occasional art feature. 

My first is Hour of Dawn

Svetlana the Russian watercolour artist paints portraits of various figures from TV, music and with the Last of Us Part 2, now games. 

Very reasonably priced for such fine work, Svetlana offers commission work as well as a large catalogue of completed designs. 

To see her on social media and her storefront check out her Link Tree here.

Friday, 3 July 2020

The Last of Us Part 2: Gr8gamingshots

As The Last of Us showcases continue today we have the shots of Gr8gamingshots. Thrilled to have him on board with the showcase, he has always been an inspiration to me. From the first day I made my account I followed him and I have been an avid support of his work ever since.

Today in this host of early The Last of Us Part 2 content we see Ellie at the start of the new road ahead. Being a virtual photographer that spends his time exclusively shooting from PS4 games with a decent photo mode, he has honed his skills and knows how to find and capture set pieces. This is especially relevant in his pursuit of Spider-Man and the effective use of locations and remote areas to get exactly what he desires.

Many virtual photographers shy away from backgrounds when it comes to portraiture, but Gr8gamingshots always takes in into consideration to tell the story within the shots. 

Since he sent me these pictures Gr8gamingshots has uploaded more. To see those and plenty of other games check out his page here.

Thursday, 2 July 2020

Plat Runner 06: Clash Force

Yesterday I received my first preview copy of a game from Ratalaika Games. Clash Force is due out tomorrow and I feel very fortunate to have gained a copy ahead of release.

Ratalaika Games is well known for its short, affordable and easy to platinum games. Clash Force is no exception at the price point of €4.99 and a plat time of 25-45 minutes based on your skill set. While this is covering the PS4 version, it will also apply to the Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch.

The game itself is a tribute to side scrolling platform shooters of the past. Using only the standard button to shoot made the game a tense, classic feeling game of the genre. The bosses were challenging and the levels fairly brutal. I managed to get to level 18 before starting to use the turbo fire mode.

Holding either of the right triggers allows for a constant stream of firepower. For those just in it for the platinum trophy, this will get you through the required 15 levels with very little challenge whatsoever. It removes most of the threat and vanquishes the majority of enemies before they even enter the screen. On my second play through I hit level 15 in 20 mins using this tactic. 

For fans of the classic platforming, Clash Force feels like Sonic meets Mega Man. It’s fast paced, vibrant and athletically pleasing pixel artwork takes me back to my early days of gaming. It gave me the same rush as the classics did back then, made my thumb hurt and put a smile on my face. 

Another two features that I really enjoyed were the lack of respawning enemies. In most games such as the near impossible Ninja Gaiden, if you made the mistake of going to far back enemies in front of you and behind you would respawn, often making a tactical retreat impossible. In Clash Force enemies stay defeated, making a hit and run tactic very preferable. The other feature I loved is the jumping. Out of nearly all of the indie titles I’ve played, the jumping in clash force is fluid and so smooth to control. The height and distance is easy to determine, so much so that most of the time I didn’t have to deploy consider jump timings or large drops. I found I could jump weave through hazards and land where I needed to.

The game is short at a mere 21 levels but on harder difficulties and not using the turbo function, you will get more than your moneys worth. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience and for any gamer it will be another platinum in the 

Hints and Tips

  • If you are finding an area especially challenging use the hit and run tactic, approach, shoot and back up.
  • The hardest level (In regards to the platinum) I found was level 5. Use the platforms to jump ahead and doge the bats. I didn’t even worry about killing most of them.
  • If stuck (or lazy) use R1 or R2 to turbo fire.

The Last of Us: Bombeardcaps

The Last of Us by Bombeardcaps

Today we have a showcase from Bombeardcaps. Virtual photography aside, one thing I adore about their profile is the organisation. Playing one game and posting their last played, allows us to have a visual journey of not only a single game but also their experience with it. 

The Last of Us by Bombeardcaps

The majority of good virtual photography, much like real world photography tells a story, and it is here on Bombeard's profile we see it. Each shot in its own right is full of emotion and depth, but side by side with the others it allows the viewer to see the photographers progression throughout the game's journey.

The Last of Us by Bombeardcaps

Currently they are uploading Assassin's Creed Origins, but the The Last of Us Part 2 is being played. I implore you to check out more of their work here and in time, there will be much more of The Last of Us 2 to follow on from these wonderful shots. 

The Last of Us by Bombeardcaps